Our guide to boiler maintenance and installation

Boiler installation

With the cold weather drawing in, now is the perfect time to have your boiler and heating system checked over to prevent costly repairs or potentially a replacement boiler.

Homeowners can help increase the lifespan of their boiler by checking the pressure on the boiler regularly (once a month) and topping up if necessary. On a pressurised system, this should be between 1-1.5bar.

Also venting the radiators and removing air from the system is advised. Not only will this prevent air getting back into the boiler and causing it to overheat and potentially damage components it will also reduce your heating bills as the radiators will work to maximum output when full of water.

We recommend a boiler is serviced by a GasSafe engineer annually to maintain a healthy boiler and validates your manufacturer’s warranty.

How much does a boiler service cost?

A standard boiler service will cost £78 with checks on combustion analysis, flue integrity, gas working pressure, stability, cleaning any components and condense trap, also a visual inspection on seals and appliance overall safety.

Any replacement parts would be subject to additional costs. We are certified Vaillant Mastertech and Baxi approved engineers with breakdown and service experience on all manufacturers including Worcester, Ideal, Alpha and Potterton to name a few.

Boiler installation

The cost of a new boiler will vary from system to system. Whether you’re having a straight combi swap to a complete system upgrade will depend on the amount of work involved. Usually taking anything from 1-4 days.

The existing heating system water will be treated with a cleaner prior to a new installation by means of a Powerflush or system clean to remove iron oxide (sludge) that has built up over the years.

A magnetic filter will usually be installed on the return of the boiler pipework to protect the appliance from any iron oxide that may build up in the system. On completion a inhibitor will be added. This will prolong the life of the new boiler and keep maintenance costs down.

Many boiler manufacturers are offering 10 year warranties on their appliances providing annual servicing is kept up and water quality is satisfactory. The cost of the new boiler will also vary on the make and model that you and your GasSafe engineer decide to install. We can offer maximum warranties on all boiler manufacturers with prices starting from £1600.

Smart heating controls

Smart heating thermostats are a new trend that allows you to control your system on the go from your phone and other devices by connecting to the internet. They can also help reduce your energy bills and usage, as you will have full control even if you’re not at home.

The Smart thermostats can also be linked to Smart Themostatic Radiator valves so you can control the temperature of individual rooms. Smart Thermostats start at around £200 including the installation depending on the make and model.

These are different from Smart Meters which most energy providers are offering to install for free. These are used to help monitor the usage of gas in a property. Another way of reducing your energy bills would be to change providers to ones that offer the best deals.